Ghost Coast Master Bourbon Named Georgia’s Single BEST Bottle of Whiskey

Once again, UPROXX has named Ghost Coast Bourbon Georgia's BEST! Check out their full review below:

"The Whiskey:

This Georgia whiskey starts off with corn, wheat, rye, malted barley, and oats in the mash and adds in Saison brewer’s yeast to get that ferment going. The twice distilled juice is then matured for a minimum of four years in that intense Georgia heat and humidity.

Tasting Notes:

The emphasis on the rye adds spicy notes that are immediately followed by rich butterscotch and Graham crackers. Then the oak and vanilla come in alongside dried apricot, buttery caramel, and a brewer’s yeast funk. Finally, a cinnamon spice takes over and leads to a warming finish that never burns.

Bottom Line:

This is still very crafty with that yeasty note but does go beyond an entry-level bourbon. There’s a nice depth that works really well in fruit-forward cocktails."

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