Our Story

Spirit of Good Times

Ghost Coast Distillery embraces Savannah’s spirited and storied history — one of indulgence, light-hearted mischief, and jubilation. We honored The Spirit of Savannah by opening Ghost Coast Distillery, Savannah’s first distillery since just before prohibition. At Ghost Coast Distillery, we strive to make the finest in craft spirits, while embracing and celebrating Savannah’s unique past and vibrant future.

Our Team

From Savannah and from around the country, with a wide array of backgrounds, we have come together to host a unique distillery experience and create the finest in craft spirits.

Rob Ingersoll

Operations Manager | Co-Founder

Rob says the goal for the birth of Ghost Coast was to create an experience unlike anything else in Savannah or at other distilleries. He calls himself the manufacturing guy,” and handles the production end of the business. He and Chris met in college at Appalachian State, where they’ve been plotting how to create something unique and American-made to share with the world. 

Favorite Spirit: Ghost Coast Fernet

Chris Sywassink

General Manager | Co-Founder

Co-founder Chris Sywassink, a Charlotte native, considers himself a natural-born entrepreneur. His business dream was to work with his friends and create something unique. The idea for Ghost Coast Distillery came when he and Rob plotted out a path to making spirits on the back of a cocktail napkin. And Savannah was the lucky choice for their plan. When Chris isn’t working, you can find him enjoying time with his family or going fishing.

Favorite Spirit:Choosing just one is asking me to pick a favorite child. I like them all!”
Favorite Cocktail: The Smoky Mirrors


Distillery Dog

Everyone meet Hank, Ghost Coast’s first distillery dog. He is a 3‑year-old Bernese Mountain Dog who loves greeting guests as they come in for a drink! Weighing in at just over 130 lbs., this oversized pup loves attention and belly rubs from his family and fans. When he’s not at Ghost Coast you can find him at home playing with his sister Holly.


Distillery Dog

Ghost Coast’s newest addition, Holly the distillery dog. She’s a 1‑year-old Bernese Mountain Dog just like her brother Hank. She’s quickly becoming a favorite at the distillery and we can’t wait to watch her grow! Stop by to witness the fluffy duo during our Wet Nose Wednesdays every month.

Ken Klehm


After studying chemistry, then art, and spending almost two decades tending bar in Chicago and Asheville, he decided to take his love of spirits into production and went to booze school. He claims that it was actually more fun than art school, but, a bit less drinky.” Ken says asking him to choose his favorite of his own creations was like asking him to pick his favorite puppy (he has favorites, but won’t let the others know.) While he enjoys a well-crafted cocktail, he generally drinks his spirits straight. He likes to end his workweek by tasting some bourbon straight from the barrel, and listening to obscure 90s bands, like Dog Faced Hermans.

Favorite Spirit: All of them.
Favorite Cocktail: Whiskey

Kelcie Beausir

Marketing Manager

Coming down from Cincinnati, Kelcie is a UC Bearcat and has extensive experience working in the beverage industry, including a recent stop at a winery in Asheville. She is so happy to now be living in warmer weather and a part of the Ghost Coast team. A former trapeze instructor, she enjoys adventuring with her dog, Charlie, and husband, Cameron Khourie.

Favorite Spirit: Ghost Coast Burl Gin
Favorite Cocktail: El Picante

Julie Sywassink

Special Events | Retail Manager

Julie is a native of Burlington, NC, but moved to Savannah from Twin Bridges, Montana where she and husband/​Ghost Coast co-founder Chris ran a fly-fishing lodge, bringing with her a long background in retail and hospitality. When Julie isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her family and following Widespread Panic.

Favorite Spirit: Ghost Coast Vodka
Favorite Cocktail: The Spiked Ruby

Kenzie James

Brand Manager

Kenzie studied fashion while she was in college and had a passion for finding good spirits, she decided to swap her career and hobbies by pursuing the spirits industry and leaving fashion as a hobby. She’s traveled the globe and even lived and studied in many diverse places like Houston, Paris, Dubai and Hong Kong. Kenzie came to Ghost Coast with the energy and excitement to share the finest craft spirits from Savannah with you. Her next big move is to Atlanta, so if you see her in any of the bars up there, stop for a drink and a chat! 

Favorite Spirit:Ghost Coast Bourbon
Favorite Cocktail: Bourbon. Neat.