Ghost Coast’s Third Release Bourbon

Ghost Coast Distillery invited you to take part in their year of bourbon releases including four different small-batch bourbons, each uniquely their own and creatively crafted. Their first two releases (rye/Saison and wheat/traditional style bourbons) were the first two components of their anxiously awaited 2020 “Master Bourbon” release; a three-year bourbon that will be a combined blend containing each of their four releases. Think of each release as exclusive sneak peeks of what’s to come. The third release will be a rye/traditional Straight Bourbon Whiskey offering a classic, spicy, rye with a clean traditional yeast finish, combining your favorite characteristics from the first two releases.

The third release mimics rye classics with a Savannah style twist; oats. If you’ve been following along with each release, you’ll know that the oats add a special touch described by Distiller Ken Klehm as a “comfort feeling” meaning the bourbon is easy-drinking, cozy, and dangerously smooth. Of course, the Hostess City played a huge role in this release as well, offering rapid changes in humidity and temperatures which cause barrels to constantly expand and contract, ultimately speeding up the aging of the bourbon. Enjoy the spice, crisp finish of the third release that reminds us of the first great bourbon sip you got to try. Bold, almost brash rye spice drives the front end that is backed by traditional flavors of vanilla, walnuts, and almonds. The rye spice is countered on the back end by the soft sweet flavor from the oats which compliments the nut flavors.

This means we’re one step closer to Ghost Coast’s Master Bourbon release, which will be marked by the distillery’s three year anniversary. Once blended, the third release will add assertive spicy rye notes to the Master Bourbon with a comforting backbone from the oats. The rye will hold its own in your favorite cocktails, offering an assertive twist from the soft and subtle releases (first and second). Just in time to carry you into Savannah’s crisp autumn months, sip on the third release surrounded by friends or strolling through Savannah’s city streets. The third release is ideally paired with dark chocolate, sharp cheeses, or a char-grilled steak fresh off the grill. Stay up to date with fall and winter bourbon releases, events, and announcements from Ghost Coast through their Facebook page and website.


Only 75 cases will go out locally via Savannah Distributing Co., so you’ll be able to pick up a bottle (or two or three) at most local package stores by the end of August 2019. A limited supply will also be available at Ghost Coast Distillery, beginning September 14th with an Ultimate Tailgate and Release Party to get things kicked off.


Ghost Coast is set to release a 36-month bourbon in 2020 that will be made up of four different bourbon variants, including the First and Second Release. Some of these four bourbons with distinct mash bills will be released on their own throughout 2019 in extremely small batches.


Ghost Coast Distillery opened its doors in 2017 and has since been creating over 20 different award-winning spirits. Offering free tours, cocktail flights, and a wide variety of events that often partner with local organizations and nonprofits, Ghost Coast is conveniently located in the Historic District at 641 Indian Street, it’s the perfect stop for locals and tourists to experience the spirits of Savannah.

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