It’s Here: The first Bourbon ever made in Savannah

It’s why we built Ghost Coast Distillery. It’s what you’ve been waiting on and asking for. Ghost Coast Distillery Bourbon is here. And damn, it’s better than we ever imagined!

The first of four 2019 releases of our unique Savannah Bourbons—beautifully aged 24 months with the South Georgia heat and humidity doing its magic in our charred oak barrels—will be in your hands just in time for St. Patrick’s Day cocktails in the Hostess City of the South.


Ghost Coast’s First Release Straight Bourbon Whiskey is made from rye, corn, malted barley, and oats fermented with a saison yeast, making this bourbon, unlike anything to ever hit store shelves. Saison is a Belgian-style beer that has gained significant popularity in the past decade, but saison yeast has never been used in making bourbon—until now.

Saison was chosen not only for its resilience to Savannah’s extreme temperature changes but because it produces unique flavors of dried fruit and spice, adding depth and complexity to the overall experience. Meanwhile, the oats work seamlessly with the other grains to create an approachable bourbon that’s still bursting with flavors of butterscotch, caramel and dried apricot with hints of cinnamon.


Only 75 cases will go out locally via Savannah Distributing Co., so you’ll be able to pick up a bottle (or two or three) at most local package stores by the beginning of March 2019. A limited supply will also be available at Ghost Coast Distillery, beginning March 2 with a release-party to get things kicked off.


Ghost Coast is set to release a 36-month bourbon in 2020 that will be made up of four different bourbon variants, including this First Release. Some of these four bourbons with distinct mash bills will be released on their own throughout 2019 in extremely small batches.


Ghost Coast Distillery opened its doors in 2017 and has since been creating over 20 different award-winning spirits. Offering free tours, cocktail flights, and a wide variety of events that often partner with local organizations and nonprofits, Ghost Coast is conveniently located in the Historic District at 641 Indian Street, it’s the perfect stop for locals and tourists to experience the spirits of Savannah.

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