Ghost Coast Master Bourbon Wins Platinum • 2020 SIP Awards

Ghost Coast Distillery was recently awarded a Platinum medal for their newly released Master Straight Bourbon Whiskey from the 2020 SIP Awards. Throughout 2019, Ghost Coast invited you to take part in their blending process by releasing sneak peeks of each of the four bourbons that were used to create their Master Bourbon. One of these releases was named “Georgia’s Best Whiskey” by entertainment site, Now a full year older, the distillery is thrilled to showcase their balanced blend of each of those releases. You can find Ghost Coast Master Bourbon on shelves throughout Georgia and place an order for curbside pickup through Ghost Coast Distillery in Savannah, GA:

Master Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The Master Straight Bourbon Whiskey is made from a blend of our four unique bourbons using corn, wheat, rye, malted barley, oats, and fermented with either Saison or an American traditional yeast and aged three years amongst swaying Spanish moss. Multiple mash bills allow Ghost Coast to combine the spiciness of rye, and sweetness from the corn with the smoothness of wheat, bringing you an approachable bourbon with plenty of complexity and backbone.

The oats work seamlessly with the other grains to create an easy-drinking bourbon that’s still bursting with flavors of warm caramel, walnut, and dried apricot. Ghost Coast describes their blend as a “cozy” bourbon to be enjoyed in any weather, mood, or at any occasion. It’s the every-day whiskey made for beginners and bourbon enthusiasts alike.


SIP Awards

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