Straight Bourbon: Second Release

When Ghost Coast Distillery first put their heads together and thought about the bourbon they wanted to make, they decided to keep one foot firmly planted in tradition and their other foot pushing boundaries. Their First Release Straight Bourbon satisfied that desire to push boundaries by including unconventional ingredients and distilling in an environment unfamiliar to bourbon making. The Second Release will juxtapose what came before and offer a traditional bourbon lovers’ Straight Bourbon Whiskey consisting of corn, wheat, oats, malt and a yeast strain that is truly meant for American whiskey.

While the Second Release is one of Ghost Coast’s “traditional bourbons”, they, of course, had to add their own Savannah twist; oats. The oats offer as much of a feeling as a flavor, bringing that comfort food, warm and cozy feeling more and more with each sip. When comparing it to their First Release, the Second Release will offer a smoother, less spicy, and slightly sweeter experience. The wheat/traditional mash allows wood, oats, and other natural flavors to shine through also bringing forth inherent earthy flavors and strong tannins from the oak barrels.

The fun Ghost Coast has been having with their four small batch releases really shines through in their Second Release (especially if you still have the First Release to taste side by side). Because of this, you’ll be able to literally taste the wood from the barrels, and the sweet Savannah aging in theirs versus other traditional bourbons. The Second Release is best enjoyed in simple, classic bourbon cocktails, neat, or over ice. Ghost Coast suggests trying the Second Release as a classic Old Fashioned or Whiskey Sour.


Only 75 cases will go out locally via Savannah Distributing Co., so you’ll be able to pick up a bottle (or two or three) at most local package stores by the end of May 2019. A limited supply will also be available at Ghost Coast Distillery, beginning June 1 with a release-party to get things kicked off.


Ghost Coast is set to release a 36-month bourbon in 2020 that will be made up of four different bourbon variants, including the First and Second Release. Some of these four bourbons with distinct mashbills will be released on their own throughout 2019 in extremely small batches.


Ghost Coast Distillery opened its doors in 2017 and has since been creating over 20 different award-winning spirits. Offering free tours, cocktail flights, and a wide variety of events that often partner with local organizations and nonprofits, Ghost Coast is conveniently located in the Historic District at 641 Indian Street, it’s the perfect stop for locals and tourists to experience the spirits of Savannah.

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